Storytelling on the Path to Peace

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Se reconter une nouvelle historie de paix

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During February through March, 2008, more than 1,700 Manitoba students from all grade levels, K through 12, sent “Postcards on the Rights of the Child” to the Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice.

These postcards are a powerful expression of young people’s values and vision, and their desire for safe, peaceful, and just world.

The postards were sent as part of the 3rd Annual Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival: Storytelling on the Path to Peace | Le 3ième festival international du conte de Winnipeg: Se raconter une nouvelle histoire de paix that focused on the theme of the Rights of the Child.

The postcards are currently being developed into a traveling exhibit.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, is home to the Canadian National Museum of Human Rights.

Sponsored by: The Asper Foundation, Great-West Life, Investors Group, Mr. Albert El Tassi, C. M., O.M.

Rights of a Child
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